Minimum Purchase Order: $150


Welcome Boutique Owners!!

All our items are handmade here in the Rockies!
•Processing time varies, but typically we ship between 2-6 weeks! You can send me an email for a more accurate processing time when purchasing.
•We have MAP pricing. Retail pricing will be in the description of each piece. If you see someone undercutting the price please send an email to 
•Minimum purchase price of $150

•Our items do not belong in Resell Facebook groups!!! If you find anyone selling our items in a resell group please email us at

•No marking down on our items until after 60 days. You may markdown our items only if you are having a site wide sale, Category sale, etc. 
•We do not zip code protect. However, we can customize an item for you and not sell the same customization to one of your competitors. Just send us a email at





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